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    The 2017 edition of the Pittsburgh Steelers, although it may not look like it, will be one of the whitest teams they've had in a while. Ben Roethlisberger, who is now in his 14th season out of Miami (OH) with Pittsburgh, is still a top-flight QB and the key to the Steelers' success. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer, and has been one of the better QBs in NFL history. After nearly retiring in the offseason, this may be the 35-year old Roethlisberger's last season, so enjoy him while he's still around. Landry Jones returns as Ben's backup, despite the Steeler DWFs wanting new upside QB Josh Dobbs as the 2nd string. The Steelers recently traded for speedy TE Vance McDonald, who'll likely share a lot of time at the position with incumbent starter Jesse James. James, a local product out of Penn State, has defied DWF expectations in holding off two "higher-upside" TEs in LeDarius Green (now released) and Xavier Grimble to win the starting job after Heath Miller retired.

    On the offensive line, the Steelers feature two white starters, and those two are both good ones. David DeCastro, who's been to two Pro Bowls, and has been on the 1st team (2015) and 2nd team (2016) All-Pro teams the last two seasons. He's an absolute mauler at right guard. Left tackle Alejandro Villanueva (a former Army ranger) returns as Big Ben's blindside protector. Another one of those pesky white players Steeler DWFs thought shouldn't be starting at first, he's ran with the job over the last two seasons to the point where he's signed a contract extension with the team recently. At 6-9, 320, Villanueva is massive, and does a pretty good job of protecting Ben's blindside; he's one of the better tackles in the league. The Steelers amazingly have two white backups on the line as well in interior lineman BJ Finney, and G/T Ryan Feiler, a local product.

    On defense, rookie TJ Watt has more than lived up to expectations, beating out 39-year old James Harrison for a starting OLB spot. Watt is going to be a good one. The rookie out of Wisconsin may not be as dominant as his older brother, but he'll be one of better LBs in the league. He got two sacks in his very first preseason game. He's a good athlete in space, and should bolster what wasn't the best pass rush last year for Pittsburgh. I'm looking forward to watching Watt develop. The Steelers actually have some white depth at LB, including Anthony Chickillo. The vet out of Miami will be an integral part of Pittsburgh's rotation at OLB this year. Tyler Matakevich out of Temple backs up one of the ILB spots.

    Chris Boswell is one of the league's top kickers, Jordan Berry is a decent punter, and Kameron Canaday is the new long snapper after Greg Warren was released due to a failed physical in the offseason.

    On the practice squad, the Steelers have a few white players in LB Matt Galambos, C Kyle Friend, TE Jake McGhee, and S Jacob Hagen (who I'm not quite sure on).

    So, on the active roster:

    QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Landry Jones
    TE: Jesse James, Vance McDonald
    OL: David DeCastro (RG), Alejandro Villanueva (LT), BJ Finney, Matt Feiler

    LB: TJ Watt, Anthony Chickillo, Tyler Matakevich

    K/P/LS: Chris Boswell, Jordan Berry, Kameron Canaday

    The numbers may not be staggering, but this seems like one of the whitest teams the Steelers have had in a while, especially with three whites on defense who have a shot to play. Their white players (especially the starters) are also mostly impact players, so for that, Pittsburgh likely picks up the first non "F" grade CF has given them.

    Starters: 5
    Total Number of White Players on the Active Roster: 14
    Grade: D-
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    OLB/DE Anthony Chickillo started in week 1 with Watt at OLB, and had 6 tackles and 2 sacks!
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    I was just listening to Pittsburgh talk show host Mark Madden for about 15 minutes. I've mentioned him before, he can be a jerk quite often but he loves hockey and hates basketball and can be hilarious ripping into the antics of black football players, so he's the only local sports host I will occasionally listen to when driving.

    He is a big fan of Big Ben, and noted that Ben had a terrible game yesterday and hasn't looked good this season, but his main thrust was that Ben intensely dislikes Antonio Brown and that Brown has created a toxic environment in the locker room, which has spilled out onto the field. Ben's dislike for Brown goes back several years, but Madden thinks the players who are militant about kneeling for the anthem and otherwise disrespecting the country has exacerbated racial tensions on teams across the league, which is probably accurate.

    The anthem controversy may continue to have unanticipated results, such as teams quitting or at least not trying very hard due to internal, mostly racial divisions. The Patriots had a bunch of kneelers, which could well be a factor in them not looking anywhere near as dominant as expected so far this season. You can bet there's a lot of White players who have played along with the "solidarity" gestures because they know they have to who despise their teammates not showing respect for the flag and anthem.
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    No doubt this Anthem stuff has caused some friction in the locker rooms. Here is my main worry. Things are tough enough for the white athlete and added racial disharmony might have a negative effect on the skilled white players. The last two weeks we have seen white WR's put up anemic or mediocre numbers. Is it a mere coincidence or has some internal dissonance from black teammates hindered the success of white WR's? Call me paranoid but since there are so many black players in the league I worry about sabotage. Even before this Anthem controversy I was worried about sabotage but it seems the stakes are even higher now. Indeed why is it that Travis Kelce is the only pass catcher that was skulled this past week while quite a few black receivers put up huge numbers without much of any disturbances from black DB's? Even in college I often wonder (perhaps letting my imagination get away from me) when black DB's on occasion let the black WR's run wild is it because it is good for the black supremacy theme? People forget who was playing DB on given days but they remember big down field plays by black WR's. As the media plods on as usual I have always suspected an underlying theme among many black players that their main purpose in sports is to make whites look deficient and slow and promote the everlasting idea that they and they alone are superior supermen. Just ask ESPN's Mike Greenberg in my mind the most sickening human being covering sports today. And that is saying something when you consider the competition he has at ESPN.
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    I can't imagine why Ben would dislike Brown, who was actually a humble player a few years back but has since turned into one of the most obnoxious diva headcase WR's aside from OBJ...

    After the little black baby threw his tantrum, Ben targeted him 19 times in their ugly loss to Jacksonville the following week. A losing formula that probably made their relationship even worse. Since Brown (who is widely considered to be the "best" WR in the league) joined the team in 2010, the Steelers haven't even appeared in the Superbowl, let alone won the title.
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    Ben should not blame himself, I tend to think he has a gun to his head by the wankers..I mean "owners" to target negro WR's. I think he will either retire to get out of the shytehole he is stuck in or demand a trade.

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