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    The Jets are perennially one of the blackest teams in the NFL and this year is no different. It's hard to believe the Jets were a 10-6 team just 2 years ago, the 1st season under negro HC Todd Bowles. Maybe all of the brothas played harder under one of their own that year? Last season, the allure wore off and it was back to being a poor team. After selling off nearly every decent players, Bowles may have to resort to sacrificing a goat or some pre-game zulu war dancing to motivate this dark hoard of scrubby players. Somehow I don't think the "stoic" HC is up for that task.

    Caption: "Look serious so everyone thinks you know what the hell is going on"

    For the record, I think that Bowles is a decent guy but in over his head as a head coach.

    The Jets have a trio of White QBs whom the media loves to dump on. The starter will be 38 year old journeyman Josh McCown. McCown is the placeholder until Brice Petty returns from injury and Petty maybe the placeholder for a 2018 high draft pick like Darnold or Allen. In fairness, I think Petty has some legit talent and was performing rather well in the preseason. I'd like to see him given a long audition this year and run with the job. The 3rd QB is Christian Hackenberg who the Jew York media love to hate and DWFs love to deride. I'd love to see him silence his critics but he honestly has not looked good since his freshman year at Penn St.

    The only other reason to tune into the Jets this year would be if rookie WR Chad Henson gets some serious snaps. The young talent, who blew up in his only year at Cal, is currently listed as 2nd string. Not bad and with Robbie Anderson and Jermaine Kearse in front of him, the opportunity is there to play his way into a major role.

    On defense, the Jets are comically dark. Hopefully this bunch will get shredded each week with no Whitey to blame.

    White men on the 53 (starters in bold)

    QB: Josh McCown, Brice Petty, Christian Hackenberg
    FB: Julian Howsare
    WR: Chad Hansen
    TE: Eric Tomlinson
    OL: Wesley Johnson (C), Brian Winters (G), Brent Qvale (T)

    LB: Dylan Donahue

    ST: Chandler Catanzaro (K), Lac Edwards (P), Thomas Hennessy (LS)

    PS: Ben Braden (G), Geoff Gray (G)

    Total Whites: 13 out of 53 (25%); 5 White starters out of 22 (23%)

    Grade: F+
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    at least they have 3 white QB's!

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