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    Sep 12, 2016
    Franchise quarterback Andy Dalton returns to lead the Bengals in 2017, while affirmative action Rooney Rule head coach Marvin "X" Lewis inexplicably still has his job despite not winning a playoff game since the Eisenhower administration. The Bengals are surprisingly White-friendly this year, despite not having the best Caste reputation. Here are your White 2017 Cincinnati Bengals (starters in bold):

    QB - Andy Dalton, AJ McCarron
    WR - Alex Erickson
    TE - Tyler Eifert, Tyler Kroft
    OL - Clint Boling, Russell Bodine, Jake Fisher, TJ Johnson, Christian Westerman, Alex Redmond
    FB - Ryan Hewitt
    DL - Ryan Glasgow
    LB - Nick Vigil
    S - Clayton Fejedelem
    Special teams - K Randy Bullock, P Kevin Huber, LS Clark Harris

    Guard Cole Toner and kicker Jake Elliott are on the practice squad. Third-string quarterback Jeff Driskel is on injured reserve.

    Total White starters: 7

    Total Whites on 53-man roster: 18

    Overall grade: C-
  2. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    For some reason I don't think it was White players who "mutinied." Must have been an interesting locker room situation after the Bungals lost last night. The answer is surely to keep Marvin X for another 15 years of not winning any playoff games.

    “Near mutiny” forced the hand of Marvin Lewis

    So why did Bengals coach Marvin Lewis fire offensive coordinator Ken Zampese? Lewis basically had no choice.

    After two home games only four days apart and zero touchdowns and nine total points scored, Lewis was facing a “near mutiny,” a league source tells PFT. The normally quiet A.J. Green publicly sounded off, and plenty of other players had plenty of pointed things to say privately, we’re told.

    The fact that Lewis would cut the cord so quickly underscores how poorly the week has gone for Zampese, who simply hasn’t been able to do what Hue Jackson (and Jay Gruden before him) did with the offense of a team led by a defensive-minded coach. Yes, the fact that Zampese was fired after two games suggests he should have been fired after the 2016 season. Lewis nevertheless had to do something to keep things from imploding.

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    Of course the answer is to find a white scapegoat to blame. Not the AA Coach for Life Marvin X. There seems to be a bit of a discipline problem in the Bengals' locker room. The running pitched battle/wilding/riot at the end of the Bengals playoff game last year may have been the most disgraceful event ever during an NFL game and speaks to the lack of control that Marvin X has over his affletes. Maybe the Coach for Life has some kind of blackmail material on the owner or GM.

    The best you can say about the Bungles is at least Alex Erickson is getting some touches and showing he belongs on the field.
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    Speaking of Erickson, the anti-Whites over at (((rotoworld))) really have it out him. Read these two player news blurbs which were released one after another and tell me you can't feel the vitriol dripping from the text.

    First off, WTF is up with putting Alex Erickson in scare quotes? Are they implying that he's going under an alias or something? Or are they just stupid and don't know how to use them. Next, how did Erickson do nothing to stand out? Catching the majority of his targets for a good yards per catch seems like a great outing for a young player. In fact, a smart coach would see that this a guy with talent they could nurture and with more experience develop into a integral weapon on offense.

    Of course, the enemy media sees him as a roadblock to some upsider reaching his untapped star power.
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    Oct 21, 2012
    So the party line is that Ross didn't fumble, a helmet which was placed on the ball fumbled. Like all blacks, Ross is not responsible for anything. :rolleyes:

    Erickson proved to be an excellent returner last year. Rotoworld gives him no credit for anything, however. That's because the writers of Rotoworld are anti-White and seek to demean White men at every opportunity.
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