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Discussion in 'College Football' started by Jack Lambert, Aug 30, 2016.

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    The Michigan State Spartans are usually one of the more white-friendly Big 10 teams. I usually love watching the Spartans; they are a pro-style team that plays hard-nosed football on both sides of the ball, and don’t usually rely on spread gimmicks. Since 2005, the Spartans have had 7, 5, 7, 10, 10, 10, 12, 8, 9, 8, and 8 white starters. Michigan State's recent history of relying on white players for success shouldn't change this year, as they'll start 10-11 of them, which is a nice increase from the last couple of years; another one of the few teams trending "upwards" this year. Tyler O’Conner finally gets his chance to lead the Spartans as a senior this year. Josiah Price is a great TE, and hopefully should get drafted next year. Also of note, David Beedle moves over to LT this year. “Weird” how ONLY white players are ever moved from the defensive line to the offensive line. On defense, tackling machine Riley Bullough highlights the group. Bullough had 106 tackles last year. Michigan State is most likely the only team in the country to start a snow patrol at LB!! Chris Frey and Jon Reschke are also great players in their own rights. Go Spartans!! Per the usual with this year, there isn’t much white depth to get excited about on this team either. Backups include: WR (F) Brandon Sowards, TE Matt Sokol, LT Cole Chewins, RG Casey Schreiner, RT Dennis Finley, DT Mike Panasiuk, MLB Byron Bullough (when all is said and done, a Bullough will have manned the MLB spot for the Spartans for nearly all of 8 straight years!!), and Safeties Matt Morrissey and Grayson Miller.


    QB – Tyler O’Conner

    FB – Prescott Line – in a fight for the position

    TE – Josiah Price

    LT – David Beedle

    LG – Brian Allen

    C – Kodi Kieler

    RG – Benny McGowan – in a fight for the position


    DE – Evan Jones

    STAR – Chris Frey

    MLB – Riley Bullough

    SLB – Jon Reschke
  2. Heretic

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    May 1, 2015
    Iowa is starting a "Snow Patrol" as well. Can't think of any others right off the top of my head though.
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    Nice Badgers will start 3 outta four against LSU as well! Go. Big Ten!
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    Sep 19, 2012
    The Spartans are apparently having a very rough offseason. One of their starting tackles has retired from football, and several other starters are allegedly in the process of being kicked out of school under the infamous 'sexual assault' umbrella of violations. Reports today state that a member of the coaching staff was arrested in the middle of a team meeting today, handcuffed, and escorted off campus. A university doctor with some ties to the football program is under investigation for child pornography and alleged kiddie diddling, and even the band director is getting slapped on the wrist for sending a very beta flirtation via email to one of his student charges.

    After a very disappointing 3-9 season, rumors out of the locker room are that 2016 team captain and NFL draft prospect Riley Bullough created a "divisive atmosphere" in the locker room by vociferously campaigning for Donald Trump all summer and fall. Imagine this sh!tlord leading morning stretches wearing a Big Red Hat and shouting catchy populist slogans at his semi-literate backfield!


    Anyway, perhaps the strangest of all these moribund misfortunes is the tale of now ex-Spartan linebacker Jon Reschke. Reschke missed all of last season with an ankle injury and was expected to return in 2017 as a strong candidate for Bullough's defensive captaincy - he has been regarded by MSU fans and critics as perhaps their best returning player on defense. As of this past week, Reschke has apparently been "voted off the team" by the players (!!!), the first time I have ever heard of such a thing. Again, according to hearsay, the bulletin board scoop is that Jon had a girlfriend, or perhaps ex-girlfriend, who was pushing an issue with him via text message late one night. Reschke expressed concern that she had slept around with too many low-character suitors already. The Spartans locker room rallied around this faire maiden to defend her honor and banished this dastardly white scoundrel into the morrow!

    Just kidding. Reschke is alleged to have called his gf/ex-gf a "n----- f---er" with regard to her having had sex with his teammate Jamal Lyles (now graduated and an NFL prospect himself). This girl posted a screenshot of this text message to instagram so all the black Spartan players and coaches could see. After about a week of turmoil, the staff put his jersey to a vote, and he lost whatever fraction of support was necessary to grovel for another year of college football. I scoured the internet for the offending girlfriend and finally discovered she seems to be "Kardashian-white" with a Persian-sounding surname that would be common to the Bloomfield area of Michigan.

    This is a fascinating story, pardoning my drawn-out attempt at lighthearted humor. Obviously, the social media era has created new opportunities to prosecute thought crimes. Every single white man and woman must be vigilant about this. Fifty years ago, Reschke's (alleged) sentiment would have been common sense; today, a scorned lover has tried to burn him for his reaction, both informed and instinctive. Was he drunk and in a heated lovers' quarrel? All the bulletin board comments I've read feature some directional qualifier: mostly, "she was obviously being scandalous, and that's a terrible move to sleep with your teammate's girl, BUT there is obviously no excuse for that kind of language and I'm glad he got booted for this."

    I believe I first saw the terrific turn of phrase from Don Wassall that blacks "hold us hostage with our language" regarding the vaunted n-----r word. Blacks toss it out casually as a greeting, it's inundated in music (and has been for 30 years now), the same music that is touted nationwide as standard and piped into stadiums, arenas, locker rooms, and huddles. If this catastrophic, monosyllabic spell was actually harmful in any tangible way, our surveillance state would have condemned it into oblivion over a decade ago. Instead, it's kept as a poison pill for whites to dance around forever. We've seen Riley Cooper "miss" once - Reschke's is the same story except even more pasteurization of thought is now required.
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    Wow gotta feel for Reschke.. BS situation way overblown by a basic tramp. His teammates are wussies for not having his back and they sure as hell aren't true Spartans hence their 3-9 record last year. Extremely disappointed in this situation. It's true can't say/do anything nowadays. I guess Reschke is will be forced Into an early retirement for saying the forbidden word.. It's cool for 8 guy's to gang bang a white co-ed though.
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    Jul 30, 2006
  7. Deceptive Speed

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    Jul 19, 2014
    Terrible news, but at least he will be replaced by a white. MLB Joe Bachie is set to start next season.

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