2016 Idaho Vandals

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    The Vandals are currently mired in the 4th year of famous last name syndrome with 4th year head coach, Paul Petrino who has compiled a Charlie Weis-esque 6-29 record in his 3 years at the helm. Since 2005 the Vandals have started 13,13,9,8,9,8,6,5, 6, 6, and 11 white players. Expect this to go back to single digits with 8 this year, with a pathetic 1 on defense.

    Look for Matt Linehan to try and have a breakout Junior year after his 3,000 yd 16 touchdown 2015 campaign. Trent Cowan will look to cement his place as one of the nations premier tight ends after hauling in 48 passes for 600+ yards and 4 TD's last year. Linehan's other weapon will be a wildcard, RS Sophomore David Ungerer who was injured on the opening weekend last year, but has shown enough promise to not fall victim to the one injury and the black guy takes and keeps your place syndrome that plagues professional and college sports.

    Matt Linehan - QB
    David Ungerer - WR
    Trent Cowan - TE
    Jordan Rose - RT
    Mason Woods - LG
    Steven Matlock - C
    Calvin White - LT

    Kaden Ellis - LB
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    Idaho is a lost cause and boy has the younger Petrino really fallen from grace. He's in Moscow, Idaho for God sakes. Must be going crazy not being able to surrounded by urban dweller blacks. I heard Idaho is planning on dropping down to FCS after next season. Not that it will help much nearby FCS programs like Eastern Washington, Montana, Weber St, and Montana St would wipe the floor with the Vandals.
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    Yeah, Idaho is going to the Big Sky conference in the FCS. It has been tough to understand the movement of a few of the teams that have moved to the FBS over the last decade or so.

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