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    They keep remarking about how slow Hester is but he ran .1 second faster than Arian Foster on the 40 and weighs more. A pack of fat wastes of life that forum is, just like every other forum for a sports team, populated by drooling bozos who cheerlead blacks because they play for a sports corporation that just happens to be near their geographical location.
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    Dec 19, 2010
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    this is their example of Moreno "showing flashes of his elite ability"


    thats on over 500 touches, his highlights. I think Jacob Hester could do better. If that is Knowshon Moreno's ceiling then he might wind up like another Lawfirm, but his problem was vision and dancing around too much.

    the talks on Hester is that he would be signed to have depth. Imagine Moreno getting the bulk of the carries while Hester sits on the bench, similar to the Hillis situation. However, its better than nothing, Hester needs a job. Hopefully he gets signed and gets an opportunity.
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    Oct 23, 2011
    Hesters college highlights are superior to Morenos. That young white man was constantly running over, and away from afroletes.
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    Sep 30, 2004
    Any White safety who made the atrocious play Rahim Moore did at the end of regulation against the Ravens, allowing uber-journeyman Jacoby Jones to score, would be run out of town, except for Eric Weddle and Harrison Smith. But Moore is no Eric Weddle, even though good old Football Focus ranks him highly, the same "service" that ranks Miles Burris as the worst outside linebacker in the league. Jim Leonhard should be starting over Moore, but thanks to black privilege Moore just needs more time to realize his magnificent upside potential:

    Rahim Moore is expected to return as the Broncos' starting free safety in 2013, with Mike Adams staying at strong safety. Moore was victimized on Jacoby Jones' 70-yard touchdown at the end of regulation in the Divisional Round, and has managed just two interceptions through 31 NFL games. Ball skills were supposed to be his calling card coming out of UCLA. Pro Football Focus did grade Moore as a top-ten overall safety in 2012, so he wasn't a regular season liability. Adams was 27th among 88 qualifiers.
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    Ya where was all that hip swivel ? Leonhards 5'8 and would have made a better play on that ball. That was horrible ball skills he looked like a buddy of mine who could never change his hips to chase after a fly ball while playing right field lol.

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