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Thread: Keep on pushin' it

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    Keep on pushin' it

    Worth a thousand words...

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    "It" being racial treason of course.
    "When the people fear the government there is tyranny; when the goverment fears the people, there is liberty". - Thomas Jefferson

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    It's far more effective to ignore it, or better yet laugh at it. The black male/white female thing has been pushed non-stop for 40 or so years, yet it leveled off some time ago and quite likely has been in decline for a decade or more.

    It's more important to combat the evils of feminism and try to return femininity to White women along with the many other ways that worked so well for so long in White Civilization. The continuing slow but sure eradication of the middle class even with two income couples being the norm -- and not coincidentally the two-income family came lock, stock and barrel with the rise of top-down imposed feminism -- is already beginning to puncture the "misandry bubble." Women are going to be brought back to earth very soon; tis better to guide them patiently and paternally, never again forgetting what happens when woman's base instincts are loosed, rather than focusing on "mudsharks" and other unfortunate sideshow aberrations.

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