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Thread: 2011 San Diego Chargers

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    2011 San Diego Chargers

    In the last few years, there's no doubt in my mind that the MSM has inflated, by a significant margin, "the amount of talent that San Diego has." I completely disagree with the underachieving label the media always ascribes to San Diego.

    However, Philip Rivers lost that game at KC... and, seeing how San Diego always seems to get tough schedules, that's the type of game they absolutely NEEDED.

    But, here we are, with Denver having beaten Oakland and Miami over KC, thus creating a 4-4 tie at the top of the AFC West, which is like a rebirth for San Diego. Rivers' arm looked more lively as he was slicing-and-dicing GBs all-homie secondary, so there is reason for optimism. San Diego needs to defeat their biggest rival - Oakland - if they are to take the division. Go Rivers, prove your haters wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highlander View Post
    Interesting speculative report. They say that AJ Smith might be replaced by Billy Devaney, who has done an amazing job of bringing in white defensive players for the Rams, not to mention Danny Amendola, without which the Rams offense was DOA.
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