The Whitest Team Wins the Super Bowl


The Whitest Team Wins the Super Bowlpictured: Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers and receiving star Jordy Nelson are pictured on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated

(2/11/11) The Green Bay Packers are the champs of Super Bowl XLV. They are also the NFL team with the highest number of White players on their roster and in the line-up. Coincidence? We think not!

Consider that most of the teams that graded out highest in the Caste Football pre-season ratings (for number of White players) were among the best. As we have said for years, White athletes make for winning teams. It is not a secret (to us) and the fact that owners, GM’s and fans ignore this very simple formula to a winning season is a sign that PC thinking runs very deep among too many influential people.

The myth that black players make for better teams has been exploded by Green Bay’s victory, but it won’t go away because not only is the belief that black players are superior athletes ingrained in the mind of so many people but there is also the matter of current race politics. The NFL has established a “blacks-only” policy at most positions. It has a special program to reduce the number of White coaches by imposing a rule that black coaches must be interviewed (and by assumption, hired). The NFL players union is black-led and each and every issue that confronts race, from where to hold a Super Bowl (not in “racist” Arizona!) to pension payments for long retired football players (mostly White), will be decided on what’s best for the black majority.

Furthermore, the leadership of the league has sent clear messages that White players (such as Ben Rothliesberger) will be treated differently (meaning worse) than black ones.

It also appears that the primarily White fan base prefers black players due to their high level of expression, such as a tribal war dance before the game, personal dance routines after most plays, even routine ones, and a special jig for every TD. It is much the same way that black minstrel shows were popular in the Jim Crow South. We had hoped most White people would have moved past laughing at shucking and jiving black caricatures. If only.

However, there is one thing fans really like and that is winning. Thus for a team that wants to win, there is one sure way to go. Draft, develop, and play White players. It’s that simple. The teams that do that win, the ones that don’t, well a few win, most lose, and nobody acknowledges why.

Why are White players better? There are several reasons, all easily verified and all simple common sense.

First, White people, through White culture — which is a separate culture developed over centuries of successful evolution — have instilled a rigorous value upon teamwork. It is teamwork that carved civilization out of the primordial wilderness and barrenness of places like Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Asia, i.e. everywhere on Earth. It is why moving to White societies is the goal of every dark-skinned immigrant in the world. And when there aren’t enough White people who to want to live in those places anymore, those places fall to ruin once again.

In football, really in any team sport, that translates to the qualities that make a winner. Sacrifice, camaraderie, commitment, focusing on a common goal, and putting the team first. Ask yourself this — why is nearly every state championship high school football team in any class or division a White or primarily team? Is it because they are better athletes? What! No “expert” would claim that! Is it because their uniforms are newer? Is it because mommy and daddy are still together? Is it because the grass is greener on suburban fields? Of course not! It’s because the team works together. It’s not a team of selfish egos competing for themselves, it’s because it’s a TEAM with one goal — winning.

Second, intelligence. Whole forests have been cut down to generate the paper needed to cover ways the education system can cut down on the “race-gap”. The race-gap is the never diminishing difference between the test scores of black and White students. Nothing that the schools do changes anything. Why is this? Actually it doesn’t matter why the gap is there. It’s there, it has been for a long time, it will probably be there forever. However what it does mean in the here and now is that White kids are smarter than black kids. This must be true or there would be no significant test score differences.

It then means that White players are smarter. That means they can absorb more of the complicated playbooks that are a feature of today’s football. It means they are quicker to analyze defensive schemes, alignments, audibles, game situations. All of the intangibles that make the difference in a hotly contested football game. No amount of physical advantage can make up for being in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing; a lot of speed in the wrong direction is just wasted movement.

The game of football is about the offensive line knowing the plays, following the blocking scheme; it’s about the quarterback reading the defense, audibling into a better play; it’s about the receivers picking up the audible, it’s about the running backs shifting to the right place, it’s all about the ability to make split-second adjustments based on complicated signals and signs, from a playbook the size of an encyclopedia. Who is going to be better at that? Smart guy or not so smart guy?

Do you think Aaron Rodgers scored higher on his ACT than Mike Vick? On his Wonderlic? On his driving test? Do you think there is a test in the world that Vick can score higher than Rodgers on (not including breathalyzer tests)?

Attitude. You have to have the right outlook in football as well as in life. You can’t get too high when you are winning or too low when you are behind. Ask yourself this, what group of players are capable of playing at a more even mental state, the guys jumping up and down, doing a dance or jig after making a routine tackle on 2nd and long while trailing by 3 TDs, or the guy who makes the play and heads immediately to the huddle. Who would you rather have on your team, the guy who draws an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in a close game because he feels he was “dissed” by an opponent, or a guy who shakes it off and keeps on grinding it out? After you answer the question to yourself think about which particular group fits one category and which group another.

Did a guy who went to Central Michigan University, went undrafted and had to work to make the roster, keeps his mouth shut and his head up (Frank Zombo), play a better game than a guy who went to USC, was drafted in the first round and has frizzier hair than a porcupine (Troy Polamalu)? Did the runner up for the Defensive Player of the Year, Clay Matthews have a better game than the DPOY (Polamalu)? You decide.

Next, hand-eye coordination. It’s not sexy like 40 yard dash times or vertical jumps, and it’s difficult to measure but without it a skill player on a football team is just a highly paid doofus. White players are typically used at the quarterback position, perhaps the ultimate test of hand-eye coordination in our society, and also as kickers, the ultimate in foot-eye coordination (an even harder skill). They are also used as centers, punters, long snappers, and whenever they are used as receivers: referred to as possession receivers (in other words good hand-eye coordination). The NFL already uses White players at every position where skill with the ball is critical. A pro football team could not operate well without White players at those positions. Shouldn’t this be true for other positions as well???

Strength. For some absurd reason many people think that because some black players have low subcutaneous levels of fat and tend to show musculature that it translates into being stronger. This is not true. White people are the unquestioned strongest people on the planet. They win every weight lifting contest, every strongman contest, heck every arm wrestling contest! Take a look at the Combine results, the top weight lifters (despite the low percentage of White players invited to the Combine) by position will be usually be disproportionately White. White people have on average larger chest cavities and larger shoulders. Strength is important at most positions on a football field, it is certainly important on the offensive line. It is no coincidence that Green Bay has an all-white offensive line.

Did 5 White guys named Bulaga, Sitton, Wells, Colledge, and Clifton, do their job and ensure that QB Aaron Rodgers passed for 304 yards?

Football experts go on and on about how they want speed. Speed, speed, speed. You can’t teach speed they say. Well you can’t teach stupid either. The thinking is that since black runners dominate steroid-fueled Olympic sprinting contests, then every black player must be faster than every White player. Well it’s not true and Combine times prove the point. There are fast White players, and they are just as fast as black players. However, if every sports announcer and every columnist is going to trot out an untrue stereotype about the white player being slow or plodding or “not the fastest guy on the team” then I guess teams like Green Bay will have to just keep drafting guys like Jordy Nelson to blow by all of those (supposedly) faster black pylons.

Green Bay started 10 White players out of the starting 22. That is an astronomical amount for the NFL. They also have many substitutes including (gasp!) a White running back John Kuhn. More amazing was that three of the starters were on defense and White defensive players are rarer than black concert violinists (well, not quite).

Only the New England Patriots play more White players on offense and of course the Patriots are the best offensive team in the NFL. But — oops — the Patriots have very few White players on defense so — they lost! — all because of poor defensive play in the playoffs. Too bad! If the Patriots had been a little whiter on the defensive side of the ball the Super Bowl might have featured the two WHITEST teams in the NFL.

3 Responses to The Whitest Team Wins the Super Bowl

  1. gorky1492 says:

    Yeah, but the Packers and even the Patriots are still around 60% non-honky. It’s like saying my icecream is superior, because it has 20% less poo in it.

  2. cloudweller says:

    My friends and I hear you loud and clear due to our youth..thru high school was spent in a racially mixed inner big city hellhole.We believe that Caucasians,reared in suburbia were/are brainwashed when it comes to
    athletics.We had no trouble fighting blacks who would not let things alone.
    Every word of the aforementioned paragraphs of yours are true..the Gospel.
    Racism IS the Rooney owned Steelers and Coach Tomlin….he does not belong there{peter principle}.
    Racism in Pgh.Pirate baseball, where American players are bypassed and millions of US dollars go to a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic,so that non American blacks pour into Pittsburgh and beyond.
    However,the WORM will turn…thank you

    • tony16harris says:

      If you actually had some statistical data to back your argument other than subjective beliefs I would have been incline to listen to this B.S. Tomlin has a super bowl win. The Pirates suck because the Pirates suck. Most of the top players in Baseball are NOT white. The Baltimore Ravens, the previous super bowl champs, have more black players on their team then anyone. Tom Brady has NOT won a Super Bowl since 2004! Green Bay since gotten CRUSHED by black dominated teams (Giants and San Fran) in the playoffs. Guys this argument makes absolutely no since and was not well thought out at all. Please attempt to be more objective next time.

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